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The intended result...

I guess I should have done this before: post pictures of what the intended result with the pattern I'm adapting looks like.

In the schematic it's this. You see that there are a number of deviations from the Milford look I'm aiming for, that I've taken care of through changes as recorded in my posts of pattern construction, so far. Most notably the wider cut of the lapel, the lack of pleats or arrows in the back, and the pockets.

And here's a little (like, tiny) drawing that, I think, shows the belt-less version, rather.


Mar. 16th, 2013 12:52 pm (UTC)
Yes, those values are static. There's not mention of changing these. I HAVE, however, added some specifications for calculating the B-value for bigger OW-values, which MIGHT be of interest to you, seeing how you're male and taller than even me ;) (http://ihyestil.livejournal.com/2338.html)

Please note we add those 1,5cm to every QUARTER of the Bau-value, which means, of course, that it's 6 cm for the total circumference... Also: we add a few more centimetres for an Ulster coat, to make sure it's "roomy" enough ;)
But: There actually ARE two more versions of constructing an Ulster called, evocatively, "Ulster für die mäßige Korpulenz" (Ulster for the moderately corpulent) and "Dickbauch-Ulster" (Big belly Ulster). I could put up the corresponding pages, if you're interested.

Well, with regard to body height... I'm curious myself how that is going to work out, but since you draw the pattern according to and factoring in your body's measurements, I am quite confident this should work out nicely.

That's a good price for fabric for the trial coat!!

I'm looking forward to that dummy, and your blog in general :)